We're searching for the UK's greatest undiscovered brewing talent.

There's a £5000 cash prize for the winner

and their beer brewed commercially with the incredible Dark Star Brewing Co

The Awards

We're hosting a huge awards party on the evening of 3rd February 2014 at The Craft Beer Co., Islington - where we will unveil the medal winners as well as The Craft Beer Co National Home Brewer Of The Year.

The grand champion will be taking home a £5,000 cash prize, the honour of having their winning beer brewed on a commercial scale with Dark Star Brewing Co. and the knowledge that they are the greatest home brewer in the UK!

The Judges

The judging panel is formed of carefully selected beer experts including author of Craft Beer London and journalist Will Hawkes.

Our judges will be seeking to unearth a genuinely undiscovered brewing talent who shares our passion and dedication to craft beer.

It's a hard job to be a judge, but if you think you deserve to be on our panel then contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Home Brew Club

We've been redecorating The Craft Beer Co., Islington to create a space just for home brewers like you.

We've lined the walls with home brew books and found some brew kit to put on the walls as well as some fresh hops and some other nice little touches we're sure you'll really like!

The Home Brew Club meets up every Monday night, it's an opportunity for home brewers of all levels to meet and share ideas, recipes and tips. Bring along your own brews to share with the club and get feedback to better your brew.

New to brewing?

Never brewed before? Don't worry because we'll be on hand each Monday to help you out and give you a helping hand!

Guest Speaker

Each month we're inviting one of the UK's greatest brewers along to share their knowledge and experience of brewing.

Mon 9th Sept: Dom from Thornbridge

Brewing Map

To encourage one another, we'll be posting entires to a map so you'll be able to see whats being brewed and where. We're hoping the map will fill up from entries across the country.

For entries that don't want to be on the map, you'll be able to opt out as you apply.


The competition is open to home brewers of any level with any and every style of beer welcome to be entered. Each entry costs £15.

You're welcome to enter into any category you see fit however you may also use the very general categories to the right!

You'll need to send us your beer between the 7th December and 7th January and you can post them to us at: Home Brew Awards, 6 Charlwood Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 2EE. Please send us three bottles no bigger than 500ml of each entry - even if your brew is tasty and you think we'd like more to drink!

Beer Categories

A beer that is made of predominantly pale malt, usually lighter in colour, displaying the characteristics of hops. Beers that fit into this category are: IPA, Double IPA, Pale Ales, Best Bitters, English Golden Ales, Mild, Black IPA and Trippel.

Rich in body and full flavoured. Examples of this style are: Belgian Dubbels, Quadruples, Smoked Beer, Red Ale and Barley Wine.

Any beer using lager yeast or that is cold fermented. Examples of this style are: Helles, Pilsner, Dunkel, Marzen, California Common and also Kolsch.

Dark, rich fruity or roasted. Examples of this style are: Coffee Porter, Baltic Porter, Breakfast Stout and Oatmeal Stout.

Spontaneously fermented or made by inoculating with wild bacteria and yeast. Examples of this style are: Lambic, Berlinner Weisse, Lichtenheiner and Gose.

Fruity, smoky or beers made with adjuncts. Examples of this style are: Kriek, Fruit Porters, Saison and any other zany beer varities.

Beers brewed with a huge wheat bill. Examples of this style are: Hefe Weizen Belgian Wit and Dunkle Weisse.

Make sure your order is with us by January 13th at the latest - otherwise we can't ensure you'll make the judging.